Operation Warp Speed

Medical Testing Facilities Needed at Warp Speed

Quality, Response Time, and Adaptability Made us the Exclusive Supplier

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National Ramp’s Commercial Access division partnered with a modular contractor who was awarded the deployment of COVID testing facilities on multiple military bases up and down the east coast. These rapid deployment facilities ranged from smaller double wide modular buildings to large compounds with multiple buildings requiring extensive decking and ramping.


Commercial Access coordinated every detail with our general contractor from building sets/elevations, skirting of the buildings, number of buildings, length of decking and ramping needed, shipping installations, and a host of other critical details. This helped us maintain a tight timeline so these critical testing facilities could be opened as fast as possible. The project was moving at warp speed and with so many changes on the fly being implemented this required multiple all-night installations to get this project completed. Originally, multiple ramping/decking vendors were on the job. Shortly after the start of the job the GC decided to eliminate the other ramping/decking vendors and exclusively utilize Commercial Access because of our quality products, quick response time, and adaptability to fast-changing requirements.

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