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Access Ramps for Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are an excellent solution for offices, retail stores, manufacturing plants, schools, churches and more. However, when it comes to accessibility, modular buildings can pose challenges for individuals needing to carry equipment or those who use wheelchairs or walkers.

Commercial Access offers an easy way to solve this problem. If you want to ensure your new modular building is accessible to everyone who needs it, you’ll want to choose an access ramp that offers the best possible experience for all users.

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Access Ramps Tailored to Your Site

Our ADA-compliant ramps seamlessly complement modular buildings and feature nonslip aluminum surfaces strong enough to hold up under pressure without bending or breaking. With gradual inclines for safe climbs, you can rest assured everyone will have the ability to get in and out of your new facility safely. Commercial Access ramps will help you:

  • Boost safety: An access ramp will prevent potential accidents on stairs, which can pose a risk for people who have difficulty climbing or need to transport items to and from the building.
  • Gain approval fast: Get a complete design in hours with easy wet-marking to receive quick access ramp approval.
  • Enjoy ease of use: The gradual slope of the ramp makes it simple for users to ascend and descend, while the handrails offer support and comfort.

Custom Solutions From Commercial Access

We specialize in custom ramp solutions for modular buildings and other commercial applications, giving you the speed and accuracy you need without sacrificing quality.

  1. Fast quoting: Commercial Access provides reliable, same-day quotes and engineered drawings for your commercial building needs. We can help you determine the best layout for your space and work with you to fit your timeline and budget.
  2. Installation within days: Our in-house team and warehouse ensure your new ADA-compliant system is up and running within days of approval.
  3. Experienced troubleshooting: Between our start in 2007 and today, we’ve seen almost every scenario and can help you find a solution. Our team of experts can quickly solve any issues that might impact your results or create obstacles.

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Are you looking for a solution to help your business comply with ADA standards? Do you need a ramp that will work perfectly with your current modular building plans? When you work with Commercial Access, you get a team of professional designers with the expertise to bring your project to life. 

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