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ADA, IBC and OSHA Compliant Stairs, Ramps, Platforms and Walkways

Our full range of ramps, platforms, walkways and stairs are made from the highest quality commercial-grade aluminum in the industry to withstand the day-to-day traffic and use that commercial applications require. The Latitude Series™ is engineered to provide flexibility in a long-lasting modular system. Ramps are available in 48” and 54” inch widths and we offer various platform sizes and configurations to meet any need.

The 100% aluminum construction is long lasting and maintenance free. There is no need to worry about splintering or warping lumber that will become a hazard or rusting steel that will need repair and eventual replacement.

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Our ramps, platforms, walkways and stairs feature:

  • Solid surface aluminum
  • 48” and 54” widths
  • Vertical pickets
  • Interior handrails
  • 42” picketed guards
  • Slip resistant knurled decking for added safety
  • Aluminum foot pad for faster fastening to piers
  • Internal rails for ramp
  • 4” curb
  • Engineered to 1:12 slope