Does My Commercial Ramp Need Railings?  

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Is your commercial building project almost wrapped up except for a few finishing touches, such as handrails for ramps? In some situations, the original drawings for the project lack guidelines for wheelchair ramps and handrails. With a limited amount of time, you may wonder if ramps need handrails to comply with guidelines set by The Americans with Disability Act (ADA). Commercial Access is here to provide more information on when ramps need handrails.

Do Wheelchair Ramps Need Handrails? ADA Guidelines Explained

Whether a ramp needs rails or not depends on the type of property and dimensions of the ramp. The Americans with Disability Act states that commercial buildings and other public locations, such as schools, parks and government buildings, require wheelchair ramps with handrails. Residential buildings do not have to comply with ADA requirements.

According to the ADA, ramps require handrails if they have a rise of 6 inches or more and a horizontal projection of at least 72 inches. The act also states that wheelchair ramps need handrails on both sides. However, curb ramps do not need handrails.

In addition to ramps needing handrails on both sides, the handrails must meet specific criteria. The ADA guidelines state that the interior handrail on dogleg or switchback ramps must be continuous. If the inner rail is not continuous, it must be 12 inches longer than the top and bottom ramp segments. The handrails must also be parallel to the floor surface.

Why Do You Need Handrails on a Ramp?

Why Do You Need Handrails on a Ramp?

Besides being an ADA requirement, handrails offer disabled individuals convenience, making it easier to use wheelchair ramps. In addition to helping people in wheelchairs, handrails assist disabled individuals who may otherwise struggle to walk up a ramp. Handrails also provide extra safety for anyone using them, especially during wet or icy conditions when ramps become slippery. Handrails provide people with much-needed security and stability when walking up a ramp.

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